Bat talk. Emily Wallener

Emily Wallener, Canadian Chiroptera: bats of Vancouver Island

The description of her talk: 

In this dynamic slideshow, Emily will speak about the 9 species of bats that live on Vancouver Island, their unique anatomical and behavioural features, and why bats are important. She hopes to convince the audience of the need to conserve bat populations, and to bring some appreciation for this diverse group of animals that are rarely seen and largely misunderstood.

Her bio:

Emily is a 16 year old homeschool student from Duncan who is passionate about bats. For the last 4 years she has volunteered with the Vancouver Island Community Bat Program run by the Habitat Acquisition Trust. Two years ago she became the Team Leader for Cowichan Valley, and is responsible for annual bat counts, public education, and retrieving dead or injured bats from buildings. She has also worked as a volunteer with the Deas Island Bat Study, tagging and identifying bats from a large colony in a historic building at the park. Emily is planning a career in biology, where she hopes to spend more time with these remarkable animals and to learn all she can from them.

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