Butterfly walk

Butterflies, Derrick Marven. Max: 10, Derrick has been watching, photographing and collecting butterfly data for nearly 30 years in the Cowichan Valley. The Cowichan area has had over 50 butterfly species recorded at different times of the years, many of which are rare species for the province.   We will take a casual walk along a old railroad bed behind one of our parks where many wildflowers grow, which in turn attracts many species.    It will have to be sunny and at least 16c for a few days before this trip to be good, if we are unable to get the attention of the sun gods we will have to put up with flowers and birds along the same route. I know sorry.  Be prepared to walk for about 1.5 km each way slowly over uneven but level elevation ground. It does get very hot in this location so a drink is a necessity also a snack for those that require sustenance along the way.

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