Citizen Science: It’s About Time!!

About the speaker:

David Denning is a naturalist, science educator, and retired filmmaker/photographer who is a bit crazy about intertidal life, ecology and evolution. His photography work spans about 40 years, and his images have been used in dozens of publications including Islands At The Edge, a key conservation book for Gwaii Haanas National Park. He is author of numerous curriculum materials including Grizzly Bear Biology, The Ocean News, Ocean Sustainability Education, and the Stewards In Training Nature Calendar. He has the dubious distinction of being one of the few ‘experts’ on the obscure phylum, Bryozoa, and has written the key to Pacific Northwest species. Denning’s film/video work includes microscope and macro footage for CBC Nature of Things, Discovery Channel, National Film Board, and the Smithsonian Museum. He has written, filmed, edited and co-produced over 30 films for biology education including the NFB film, The Intertidal Zone and BioMEDIA’s, The Biology Of Seashores. David is an enthusiastic member of the Salt Spring Community Energy Group, and is active with the Salt Spring Trail and Nature Club, Transition Salt Spring, the Salt Spring Climate Action Group and the Salt Spring Ocean Stewards. In 2014 he was awarded the Islands Trust Stewardship Award. David and wife, Deborah Miller, enjoy an exciting nature- filled life on Salt Spring’s Booth Canal.