Saturday, May 4, Somenos Marsh Tour

On Saturday May 4  Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society (SMWS) biologist, Dr. Dave Preikshot, and Program Manager, Elizabeth Aitken, will be leading the trip.  This field trip will be an informative journey through the natural assets of the Somenos watershed. Learn about the cultural shifts that have enveloped this area and their effects on aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals and the work SMWS is undertaking on the lake, creek and wetlands to monitor and restore impacted ecosystems. The walk will begin and end at the Somenos Open Air Classroom, beginning with a  boardwalk loop, continuing along the dike to Lakes Rd and back again. Points of interest include the Open Air Classroom and boardwalk lookouts, sweeping views of flooded fields with waterfowl from the dike, constructed wetland restoration project site, and riparian restoration on Somenos Creek.